Science of Place - An Identity for Huntly

A town with a rich history and modern supermarkets

This dot stands for an important aspect of Huntly's make-up

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However, the family element represents only one dot in a constellation of the town's characteristics

Once the various nodes are connected, they form a whole

The node model becomes a template (leitmotif) that illustrates diversity

The nodes can be applied to other fields, e.g. looking at subcultures within Huntly

Geographically, Huntly lies in a network of smaller towns
(There are more than only the ones shown)

The rural town are socially and economically interdependent

Huntly's identity is not made up of one singular element

The town was built where two rivers flow together

The recurring pattern resembles the very iconic form of a deer's antler

The stag's head is a prominent Scottish symbol, used locally and by the Gordon Highlanders, the Community Council and Huntly FC

There are other places called Huntly - in England, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

The contemporary design reflects the Scottish antler, a road map, social diversity, growth and energy

The previous coat of arms used in Huntly was granted by the Lord Lyon to the Huntly Provostship in 1936 and became defunct in the 1970's

The new proposed coat of arms for Huntly Community Council which is subject to permission from the Lord Lyon King of Arms, retains the original shield with Gordon boars, adds the antler motif and coronet (crown) reserved for community councils and replaces the Latin motto with one from the pen on Huntly poet, George MacDonald