Scottish Government approves funding for Community Wind Turbine

Huntly Development Trust has won funding to plan the building of its own community wind turbine.

The Trust, which serves the whole AB54 post code area, applied for the first round of the Scottish Government CARES scheme, which is a grant to help communities do all the work needed to put in a planning application.

The Trust is planning to erect the community turbine as an addition to the Dummuies commercial wind farm just off the A96. The windfarm, which was recently bought by IKEA, the Swedish furniture company, is the only local commercial windfarm which at present offers no community benefit.

Development Manager Donald Boyd said "The grant will enable the Trust to pursue the aim of bringing substantial income into the area for bringing about improvements to the economic and social fabric of Huntly and its surrounding district". He added; "In the current economic climate, funding sources we have been able to use in the past have gone and we have to become self-reliant and self-sustaining, which means finding our own money from our own resources".

HDT Chair; Richard Hammock said "Using the Dummuies site for the community turbine would cause minimal additional visual or environmental impact. Going down the path of community ownership ensured that substantial funds would be secured for the benefit of the whole community, rather than just for commercial operators and landowners". Richard added "As part of the scheme we will be looking at ways of offering shares in the turbine and its profits to people in our area, as well as using the income stream to fund development projects.  I also hope that we are putting down a marker to those who want to site wind power developments in our area and that we now expect to see more substantial benefits coming into the host community than has been the case in the past."

The Trust will now start work putting together all the information required by Aberdeenshire Planners to support the application which is hoped to be lodged early next year.

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