Huntly to link to its industrial heritage with Hydro Power

Huntly Development Trust has applied for planning permission to install a micro-hydro electricity turbine in the River Bogie just upstream from the bridge at the bottom of Bogie Street.

The mini generator will produce clean, renewable electricity which will feed into the national grid and produce income for the trust to use to further its work in the AB54 area.

The turbine, which is designed like an Archimedean screw will be housed inside a wooden structure and will be quiet in operation.  The Trust has worked closely with SEPA and the Deveron, Bogie & Isla Trust to ensure that the design is acceptable and will pose no threat to fish or to river flow.

Huntly Development Trust is keen to get public participation in the project and is reviewing the possibility of setting up a community ownership scheme.

Chair of Huntly Development Trust; Richard Hammock said 'Water power was commonly used in the past in Huntly to power its industry and we are utilising the same water resource in a new way for the benefit of the community.'

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