Walkers are Welcome in Huntly

Huntly was awarded the Walkers are Welcome town status. Huntly is now the third Scottish town to be awarded such status, after Moffat and Tomintoul.

Interest in walking and hiking is growing within the Huntly community and by obtaining Walkers are Welcome status, Huntly expects to improve its reputation as a place for visitors to come and enjoy the surrounding countryside, rivers and rolling hills as well as providing a boost to the local economy.  By being awarded this coveted status, the community also commits to ensuring that the footpaths and facilities for walkers are maintained in good condition, benefiting local people as well as visitors.  

The application involved fulfilling a number of criteria set up by the Walkers are Welcome organisers. However, the most important one was being able to demonstrate strong support among the Huntly community. 

"In a period of only 2 weeks, we gathered over 400 signatures within the community. This shows how much our people support this initiative and are committed to making every walker welcome to this town", says Carolina Kenny, Project Leader for Tourism & Marketing for Huntly Development Trust. 

Different from most top-down accreditation schemes, the Walkers are Welcome network is a bottom-up initiative that has emerged from, and is being promoted by, the communities themselves.

Huntly has already received its official certificate and many establishments are already displaying the Walkers are Welcome stickers. Next year's marketing brochures will include vital information for walkers, including how to get in and around the town by public transportation and local trails. Also, a special section on the town's website will be created to provide other useful information for walkers.

For more information regarding Huntly's new Walkers are Welcome town status, please contact HDT on 01466 799416.

More information about Walkers are Welcome can be found at:

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