Huntly Music Workshops - Guitar

Guitar workshops are set to continue, following the pilot's success.

The 4 week pilot of guitar workshops in Huntly has been a success, and Dale is keen to continue. Paul Vadler, who has participated in all the workshops so far, is happy to help form an unincorporated group to raise funds.

New people are welcome, regardless of level.

New Venue: The Basement, Linden Centre (due to flooding of the Cooper Pavilion).

Time: Tuesday evenings, 6.30 - 8pm - up to and including 8th December.  After the Christmas break workshops will resume on 5th January 2010.

Bring along either an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar and a practice amp.

Details of the workshops can be viewed at:

Huntly Music Workshops is a new project aiming to help musicians to build confidence in performing in groups. For further information contact Roy Partridge on 01466 799522.

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