World Stovies Championships

The World Stovies Championships have been held as a part of the annual Huntly Hairst Food and Farming Festival since 2008. The Cultural Fund award will be used to improve the promotion of the competition and Huntly. We will design and publicise a new website for the Championships, providing a dedicated outlet for information about this traditional dish.

This will be connected to the Year of Homecoming in 2014 as we will aim to increase awareness of local traditions and encourage ex patriot Scots to return and visit the area.

Promotion of the event will be increased through the website and by active marketing in the food media. This will raise the profile of Huntly as a food destination and stimulate interest from within and outside the area to bring visitors to both the Hairst and Huntly town.


Name of Organisation – Huntly Hairst

Project Title – The World Stovies Championships

Amount Awarded – £1,000

Date of Event – September 2014