Room to Roam Town Branding

Room to Roam Town Branding applied in Huntly Central Business District

My Huntly Cultural Fund Award will be used as an extension of the Room to Roam branding project of 2008, in compliment of the new town welcome signage. Firstly, I will provide designs for special Huntly yardarms to be manufactured locally. These yardarms will display the Huntly antler logo and be installed above entrances of businesses to hang small to medium-sized signage from. The design will help hopefully help beautify the sidewalks of Huntly and promote local business. Furthermore, I will design Huntly Room to Roam branded vinyl panels in bright red or navy blue to cover the windows of empty shops, while supplying standardized information about the shops like floor surface, contact details of the owner / letting agent, etc. During the design process, I will bear cost and practicality of execution in mind and keep close conversation with the Huntly Development Trust and Deveron Arts. Detailed drawings and artist impressions will be supplied.


Name of Individual – Jacques Coetzer

Project Title – Room to Roam Town Branding

Amount Awarded – £1,000

Date of Project – August 2013