Thighs the Limit

Thighs the Limit is a flexible pedicab service, providing both fresh air transport and uniquely tailored mobile to groups of the community and at cultural events.

The construction of the pedicab means it can be altered, both visually and structurally to suit an event, whether providing transport within a visual theme, or an entirely different function.

Thighs the Limit will be based in Huntly, providing unusual and imaginatively delivered services around the programme of events in and around the town.  In addition to events based work, it could operate as an alternative taxi service within the Huntly community, taking local folk from specific community groups such as residents of the care homes around the town for their shopping and other day-to-day needs.  It will also take on seasonal work, as a transport service for visitors, providing an insiders view of the town and it’s attractions.


Name of Individual – Darren Farquhar

Project Title – Thighs the Limit

Amount Awarded – £500

Date of Event – Ongoing