Huntly Tweed

Deveron & Strathbogie Valley Tweed – Phase one of a Tweed for AB54

Anne Murray, through involving members of the AB54 community, will conduct research which will contribute to the production of a story board, mood board, samples of wool and weaving which will be suitable to hand over to a Woollen Mill for production.

Research will be conducted during ‘walk-shops’ in a number of villages across the AB54 area.  Anne hopes to go on a community walk in each village and with their help gather colours, textures, patterns & stories as well as take inspiration from the people, plants, animals, topography and architecture in each of the areas.

The information gathered and samples produced will be presented, for consultation, at an event in Huntly to which those involved and the public will be invited.  Additional funds will be required to put the Tweed into manufacture and during the research stage investigation into methods for raising funds will be considered.


Name of Individual – Anne Murray

Project Title – Huntly Tweed

Amount Awarded – £1,500

Date of Event – Spring 2014