Handmade in Huntly

Huntly has a vibrant creative community with many artists and designers who produce high-quality products. To recognise these high-quality products as being handmade in Huntly, to bundle the efforts of these individual artists and designers, and to promote Huntly as a Creative Place for both locals and visitors, a new brand ‘Handmade in Huntly’ will be developed thanks to funding from the Huntly Cultural Fund. This ‘umbrella’ brand will acknowledge the general concept of the bundled efforts under ‘Handmade in Huntly’ as well as the personal ‘signatures’ of the participating artists and designers. This branding is a crucial aspect of the efforts to develop a professional platform to exceed the individual efforts of the Huntly hand-makers, who aim to launch their new social enterprise during Homecoming 2014 in Huntly.

Name of Organisation – Handmade in Huntly

Project Title – Branding of Handmade in Huntly

Amount Awarded – £820

Date of Event – TBC