Huntly Development Trust

About Us

With its roots in the work of the Aberdeenshire Towns Partnership (ATP), Huntly Development Trust (HDT) is a company limited by guarantee that has been formed to benefit the community of Huntly and surrounding District.

HDT’s aim is to build a resilient, inclusive, enterprising community capable of dealing with ongoing change.

Our Objectives

HDT’s main objectives are:

  • Maintenance, regeneration and improvement of the community’s physical, economic, social and cultural infrastructure, and assisting people who are at disadvantage because of their social and economic circumstances
  • Advancement of education and training, arts, culture, heritage, sports, recreation and environmental improvement.

Our Activities

HDT’s main activities are development and management of projects to make Hunlty and district a better place to live, work and visit. Our projects are structured under 6 key themes:

  • Developing Our Infrastructure ( develop Huntly’s online presence, improve gateways etc)
  • Developing Our Economy (further development of Huntly retail sector, coordination of holiday and sports activity packages etc)
  • Strengthening Our Society (undertake mapping/identification of social support needs)
  • Advancing Our Culture And Heritage (draw up a marketing plan)
  • Promoting Sport In Our Community (develop cycling and walking in and around Huntly etc)
  • Improving Our Environment (investigate opportunities for recycling services, local CO2 offset scheme etc)


Huntly Development Trust
Huntly Business Centre
Gordon Street
AB54 8FG

t: 01466 799416