HBA Committee

This is the current committee :

  • Chair: David Sherriffs - Gordon Arms, 01466 792288
  • Vice Chair: Gordon Largue - Largue Pharmacy, 01466 792728
  • Secretary: vacant
  • Treasurer: Shona Paxton - Digital Croft, 01466 793932
  • Charles Raeburn Forbes Raeburn and Sons, 01466 792818
  • Fiona Manson - Coynachie Guest House, 01466 720383
We also have ex-officio representation from Huntly Community Council (Hilda Lumsden-Gill) and Huntly and District Development Trust (Donald Boyd).
Coynachie Guest House
 Coynachie Guest House, Coynachie, Gartly, Huntly 
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